Organise, Automate and Simplify your Maintenance Operations

We are a tech startup specializing in Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). 

WORMS is a multiplatform customizable cloud based system that facilitates, manages, and tracks maintenance operation activities end-to-end. 

WORMS combines realtime monitoring capabilities with versatile management tools to provide an in-depth view of your organization maintenance operation activities.

A simple, proven way to boost
your productivity & efficiency

Complaint Managements

Seamless integration from complaints to work orders generation

Track Maintenance Works

Stop wasting precious hours manually distributing PM checklists and following up with your team to make sure the work is done.

Preventive Maintenance

With Worms you can easily and quickly organize all of your Work Orders, PMs and other Tasks throughout your team in a centralized database.

Manage Work Request

Centralized database that can be accessed anywhere on any device.

Android Mobile App

Dedicated Complaint and Work Order apps for simplified flow.


Sick of the reams of paperwork and lost Work Orders? All of those lost items directly affect the bottom line and your reputation.

Worms helps you to manage your team remotely
Manage your team effectively, assign and track orders, individual and team performance.

Enterprise assets management

  • Know the health of your assets at every point of time
  • View complete and detailed maintenance logs
  • Track only what you want with custom field
  • Organise your assets in a clear parent-to-child hierarchy
  • View real-time, granular reporting
  • Find information quickly and easily with QR code
  • Receive Real-time asset data with sensor

Gain clarity with custom Dashboard

Track metrics important to your organisation.

  1. Descriptive Analytics
  2. Predictive Analytics
  3. Prescriptive Analytics

How worms works for you?


1Reports maintenance issues using worms


2Report received by technician or workers


3Technician report back with job status and evidence once the job complete


Management perspective

  • Manage and monitor assets status
  • Monitor team activities remotely
  • Generate custom report based on key metrics and business needs
  • Automate PM scheduling daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or based on events
  • Automatic push to email and apps notifications when PM is created or due.

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